Anchor Mortgage Company

About our company

Anchor Mortgage Company was incorporated in the State of Massachusetts in March of 1990. I started Anchor after being a real estate developer in the 1980’s. As a developer, I had to deal with many banks for financing various projects. After dealing with these lenders, I got tired of the incompetence and looking at the fancy desks, paintings on the walls, and fancy suits of the bank officers who did not know what they were doing. My degree was a BA in Accounting, so they could not fool me. I was observant enough to see that I did not want to pay for their overhead by virtue of their cost of financing. With Anchor, I thought personal competent service would be well received in the financing arena.

Our first office was over a Dunkin Donuts in Marstons Mills. We were able to offer competitive pricing on various types of residential loans, not building in overblown overhead to consumers who deserved better. At the time, banks would convince consumers that they had to pay points to obtain loans. Our goal was to provide as many zero point loans as possible because the banks were ripping off consumers, and we sought a better alternative.

Subsequently, we moved to a larger location a few years later, in the Windmill Building in Windmill Square to meet our growing needs. We have been at this location for the last 22 years. We continue to provide personal undivided attention to each loan because mortgages are our only business. At Anchor, you get experience, not a rookie originator, or incompetence, in helping with the most important financial decision of your life.

We continue to add lenders as new programs become available, and always look for the best available rates for your specific needs. Keeping up with new regulations and licensing is a challenge in today’s marketplace. Our goal is always to give personal service, and get you the same deal we would expect to get ourselves..

Why Choose Us

1 We have been in business for 27 years on Cape Cod.
We have been in business for 27 years and have been through various economic cycles. We will guide you through the process and offer you the best solution contoured to your needs.
2 Our office is local. Our people are local. We are here for you.
We have competent experienced people who are here in the office, not some remote office thousands of mile away. We understand and appreciate the local markets.
3 We offer new Mortgage programs all the time. We will find the best solution for you.
We get information, and updates on all our mortgage programs constantly. We make sure you are getting the best mortgage possible for your specific financial needs.

Meet Our Anchor Team